“Empowering Tomorrow Together: Our Commitment to Social Responsibility”

Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of company culture. As a responsible organization, we honour the interests of all our stakeholders – shareholders, employees, customers, partners, and the extensive community we serve. We aim to contribute towards the country’s economic and social progress by sustainably empowering its communities. Acting as a catalyst for change, we make a difference through contributions to education, skill development, sports, health & nutrition, and financial literacy.

Bringing change, Spreading smiles

Health & Nutrition



Our CSR Journey in Health & Nutrition:

We are dedicated to enhancing health and nutrition in remote areas. Our initiatives involve assisting malnourished children and mothers and extending healthcare services to rural communities. We aim to address prevalent health challenges and promote holistic well-being to foster healthier, more resilient communities.

  • 1. Improving Health and Nutrition through Annada
  • Trust/Foundation: Annada
    For: Undernourished children under 6 & pregnant/lactating mothers
    Location: Shahapur, Thane, Maharashtra
    Impact: Awareness of health-conscious behaviours and
    assistance in high-risk cases
    In alignment with: WHO Global Nutrition Targets 2025

    In partnership with Annada, to address high rates of undernourished children, we are committed to enhancing the well-being of pregnant/lactating mothers and children under 6 across several Anganwadi centres in Shahapur, Thane, Maharashtra.
    This endeavour includes a monthly provision of top-quality, micronutrient-fortified supplements sourced from a certified facility in Thane. We spread awareness about health-conscious behaviours via targeted communication and collaborate closely with local workers to identify and assist high-risk cases. Our efforts, aligning with WHO Global Nutrition Targets 2025, strive to eliminate malnutrition and hunger in this region.

  • 2. Extending Health Support via Sadguru Seva Sangh Trust and Shaheed Bhagat Singh Eye Hospital

  • Trust/Foundation: Sadguru Seva Sangh Trust & Shaheed Bhagat Singh
    Eye Hospital
    For: Rural & underprivileged communities
    Location: Remote North and Central India
    Impact: Provided healthcare services

    In collaboration with Sadguru Seva Sangh Trust and Shaheed Bhagat Singh Eye Hospital, we are committed to providing healthcare services to rural and underprivileged communities in remote North and Central India.

    We extend support by providing new medical equipment, ambulances, and more. Our mission is to ensure everyone leads healthy, active lives, and we make the most of our contribution towards that goal.

Our CSR Journey in Sports:

Our joint efforts with foundations dedicated to athlete development and adolescent health are directed towards promoting fitness among teenagers. We’re empowering promising young athletes and underprivileged students through scholarships and projects.

1. Salaam Bombay Foundation

  • a. Adolescent Health & Fitness Project
  • Trust/Foundation: Salaam Bombay Foundation
    For: Underprivileged adolescents in government schools
    Impact: Promoted regular physical activity & cultivated leadership within the community
    In alignment with: International Olympic Committee’s Sports and Active Society Commission

    We supported the Salaam Bombay Foundation’s Adolescent Health & Fitness Project to help underprivileged 8th and 9th grade students in government schools gain fitness and life skills, aligned with the International Olympic Committee’s Sports and Active Society Commission.

    We aim to promote regular physical activity among underprivileged adolescents and their communities for better health. Through career sessions, internships, and community fitness sessions led by students and alumni, we cultivate leadership within the community.

  • b. Encouraging fitness among teens & enhancing team health
  • Trust/Foundation: Salaam Bombay Foundation
    For: Adolescents
    Impact: Shared happiness by being a part of a joyful initiative

    Salaam Bombay Foundation’s unwavering dedication allowed us to relive our carefree childhood days and have a transformative experience. Their dedicated fitness champions organized an interactive event that motivated us to give our all. As our team played alongside the children, their contagious happiness was truly uplifting. Being part of this joyful initiative was deeply fulfilling and impactful.

    Together, we’re nurturing a generation with the skills and confidence for a healthy life now and in the future.

    2. Athlete Development by Virat Kohli Foundation (VKF)

    Trust/Foundation: Virat Kohli Foundation
    For : A talented young squash athlete
    Impact: The squash athlete secured a 12th-place ranking in the European Junior Open

    Through VKF’s three-year scholarship program, we proudly backed a talented young squash athlete. This extraordinary athlete soared from an Asian junior ranking of #171 in December 2022 to an astounding #16 in June 2023. His unwavering dedication led to a 4th position finish in the Indian Junior Open and a commendable 12th place in the European Junior Open.

    We extended crucial financial assistance for his tournament travels, training, and equipment. With such partnerships, we aim to nurture talent and make a lasting impact in sports.

Our CSR Journey in Education:

We aim to support underprivileged communities, foster education, and empower adolescents through skills and financial education in collaboration with foundations. Additionally, we strive to improve the quality of education in community schools, focusing on early childhood development. These efforts aim to positively impact and promote growth and learning opportunities for children and communities.

1. Vipla Foundation

  • a. Transforming Community Balwadis
  • Trust/Foundation: Vipla Foundation
    For: Balwadi community’s children aged 3-6
    Location: Mumbai Western Suburbs
    Impact: Creation of an age-appropriate standardized curriculum, employing effective teaching methods, and continually assessing children’s progress

    Teaming up with Vipla (formerly Save the Children, India), we are dedicated to uplifting the quality of education in the Mumbai Western Suburbs’s Balwadi community. We aim to nurture young minds in low socio-economic areas through tailored curriculum, teacher training, and ongoing support.

    For over 30 years, Vipla Foundation has led in pre-primary education, impacting over 100,000 children aged 3-6. Drawing on this wealth of knowledge, we prioritize an age-appropriate standardized curriculum, employing effective teaching methods, and continually assessing children’s progress. These endeavours are bolstered by comprehensive teacher training and mentorship practices.

  • a. Assisting the development of kids with fun, delightful teaching
  • Trust/Foundation: Vipla Foundation
    Initiative: Early Childhood Education Program
    For: Children
    Impact: Beneficial skill-development activities and promotion of holistic growth

    We partnered with the Vipla Foundation for their Early Childhood Education Program dedicated to nurturing the foundational years of children. Our team enthusiastically participated in interactive sessions, blending playful activities with valuable skill-building exercises to promote holistic growth. We were delighted to experience the children’s joyful performances during their Annual Day. It was a heartwarming highlight that reaffirmed our commitment to supporting their welfare.

    Understanding the crucial role of early childhood, we’re committed to providing holistic support for their growth. It is through initiatives like these that we actively contribute to shaping a brighter future for the next generation.

    2. Salaam Bombay Foundation’s Skill@SchoolProgramme

    Trust/Foundation: Salaam Bombay Foundation
    For: Underprivileged adolescents, particularly girls aged 14-16, attending government and government-aided schools
    Impact: 30 students became self-sufficient earners

    Teaming up with Salaam Bombay Foundation, we ensure uninterrupted learning and skill development for underprivileged adolescents, especially girls aged 14-16, in government and government-aided schools.

    Our efforts included financial literacy sessions, painting school walls with educational content, bakery and beauty training, institutional visits, and performance assessments. As a result, approximately 30 students became self-sufficient earners through this program.