Type of Fee Applicable Charges
Leasing Equipment Finance/Commercial Finance Working Capital Finance
Indicative Interest Rate Range (p.a.)** 11.0% – 25.0% 11.0% – 25.0% 11.0% – 25.0%
Benchmark Lending Rate 22.92%
Processing Fees/ Documentation charges All processing fees/ documentation charges recovered shall be expressly stated in the Loan Agreement/Facility Documents. These would be based upon the customer segment, exposure limit , class of asset financed, expenses incurred in loan processing in a particular geographical location etc. rendering services to the customers.
Cheque / NACH mandate dishonour charges (per instance) INR 1,000+Taxes
Penal Charges upto 3.5% per month on overdue amount
Prepayment/Foreclosure Charges For Loans and Working Capital limits: 4% to 6% on the amount prepaid including takeover of facility by any Bank / NBFC / FI etc.
For Leasing – As expressly stated in the Facility documents/Sanction letter


1. The rate may fall outside the range indicated above in certain circumstances guided by risk assessment of the client.

2. **With effect from 15-Dec-2022